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Fuzzywallz was established by myself (Jon Weil) in 2004, after over 20 years of professional recording, mixing and mastering for clients of many different musical genres. I now specialize in mastering; but still love working with music in many other capacities.... Check out the site, email (or call) me and let's get your project to it's absolute, fullest potential.

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  • WOWWWW!! You must've read my mind. Just played in the car, computer, and wireless Bose speaker...every one exceeds my expectations. I love how BIG the instrumentals sound! More overall bass/boom, more guitar (especially that kickass bridge guitar jumps out now) and crazy depth throughout. It went from flat to 3-D audio - an image of mountains and valleys went through my head while listening - seriously. The vocals are tucked in nicely now too, and I compared to many commercial hard rock hits for volume, nailed it. I love it Jon. A rewarding feeling after months of hard work. Thank you for making it happen!....and to your techniques - much more of a roller coaster with that extra punch. Was listening to it in the car this morning and it seriously hits hard throughout the song. It didn't feel that way before so you knocked it out of the park. Sweet! -Ryan Tree (Recording Artist)

  • "Jon is great at what he does and he always exceeds my expectations! He made our song “Coldhearted” sound radio ready and so expansive. He is very professional and always is an absolute joy to work with. I will definitely be taking all of my upcoming projects to him for mastering! He’s a true gem here in Phoenix." -Teneia (Recording Artist)

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