The mastering console at North City Suite ( Fuzzywallz Mastering )

Fuzzywallz Mastering

Now based in Shoreline, Washington, Fuzzywallz Mastering was established by Jon Weil (myself) in 2004. I specialize in mastering, mixing and recording music. Having worked with hundreds of local and national artists through the years, my ears and work ethic have been honed to a high level of excellence. It takes patience, knowledge and the right tools to make the most of any recording and I feel that proper, “musical” mastering is now more important than ever. Jon (mastering engineer) with Tucker (beautiful, loving pup) at Fuzzywallz Mastering

I am very eager to meet as many musicians, engineers, labels, songwriters, studio owners, audiophiles and tech-nerds as possible.

If you want to book a session or have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via email or telephone. If you’re an audio nerd like me, or just like a good read- be sure to check out my blog posts….there WILL be more.


(10/31/17) Happy Halloween! VERY much has happened in the last two months…First of all, the studio moved about 2 miles, from the neighborhood of North City to the Echo Lake area (both in Shoreline, WA). The new location, now dubbed the “The Echo Suite”, was up and running as of October 20th. Hey, fully-functional in less than a few weeks isn’t easy! The first session at the new place was mastering a full-length album (“Sitcom”) for AZ natives- HAIL, JAUNT DOOMSAYER. This sludgy, emotional piece of musical intensity was a perfect start for what will hopefully be years at this new location. Next, I mixed and mastered the latest track (“Bigger Picture”) from Youtube sensation BARCENILLA. This is part 1 of a 4-part series, so watch out for more of these rather “concept-oriented” videos/songs. I also mixed and mastered a song for NEBBULAXX, and plan on finishing his 4-song EP in the next few weeks, You’ll certainly want to hear this guy’s stuff; think “Flume” but just plain better. Additionally, I have still been able to finish another PERVERTS IN LOVE song (“In Between”), another podcast for THE ELECTORETTE, and am just awaiting approval for the mastering of new full-length albums for ANDY MOFFITT and another Phoenix band called THE LIVING RECIEVER. Now that I am dug into an even better studio setup with upgrades coming very soon, the sky is the limit. After a year in WA now, it’s all really starting to come together! New studio pics and info coming soon…

(8/28/17) Whew! Keeping it real over here. Yet another busy, busy month which is great. I mastered “Muse“, the debut EP from local artist “OOMAHMI“. She is something very special- super original, inspiring and soothing music. I also finished mastering the debut EP for an Arizona group named “WHSTLE”. This particular release (named “Built For It”) has been worked, re-worked and back again for the last few months, so expect absolute perfection! I also finished mixing a new single from BARCENILLA, named “Rush” and it may be his best song yet. I also am almost done mixing a new single from my buddies in GORKY– song is called “Action Pants”, and yeah it’s quite a “kick in the pants” ;)…Lastly, I edited/mixed/mastered 2 podcasts for “THE ELECTORETTE” and expect more podcasts from them very soon. …Links and samples will be posted as soon as they are released.

(7/26/17) Another busy month of work and fun. Let’s see… first Seattle client FREEZE released their first full-length concept album, dubbed “Voices”. For that album I not only mastered it, but I also mixed it all. I also mastered another very dynamic song for NULLIN HASAN, a few songs for SAYDI,  and a whole EP for BRENT GILDER (“The BKG Projects”). This week also brings the online release of “Don’t Come Around Here”, a movie soundtrack by Jesse Valencia of GORKY– for which I did all the mixing and mastering.

(6/28/17) What’s new? Well, I have started upgrading certain aspects of my studio (wiring, conversion), writing a new blog/post, mastering tunes from SAYDI, ANDY MOFFITT, JASON CAMPBELL/ZEN WELLNESS and finally got to see the release of BARCENILLA‘s long-awaited album, named “Scorpio“. I mastered and mixed the album, and it has been in the works for over a year- congrats Gabriel!


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