Fuzzywallz Mastering is basically a one-man operation, run by me- Jon Weil. Here’s a little information about myself, my studio and the company in general…

About page image- Jon Weil at Fuzzywallz's North City SuiteBorn in Cincinnati, OH, I started out writing songs, playing guitar, and singing at the ripe age of 8. A few years after that, I caught the recording bug and haven’t looked back since. It started with recording my own bands live to cheap tape machines and eventually escalated into a quest for perfect sonics on productions of all types and styles.


In 1998 I moved to Tempe, AZ. By 2004, I had graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts in Sciences and established Fuzzywallz (LLC). After quite a few years of recording and mixing out of home studios and on mobile rigs, I was asked to engineer some sessions for international heroes, the “Gin Blossoms”, at Uranus Recording Studio of Tempe. My work led to becoming the Chief Engineer from 2010 until it’s recent closing in 2015. During that time, I got to work with hundreds of local acts and quite a handful of major-label artists too (see the extensive client list). After Uranus closed, I continued working with many local (and national) artists around town. Most of my mixing and all of the mastering was being done at my home studio, dubbed the “Laguna Suite”.


I made the move to Shoreline, WA in late 2016. By the start of 2017, I had my new studio (the “North City Suite”) up and running within our smaller rental home. For the next year I kept very busy working with Arizona clients and building up a new client base in the Seattle area. In October of 2017 we moved to a much larger house with room for an even bigger and better studio. Now the newly-dubbed “Echo Suite” offers upgraded gear, improved acoustics for crystal-clear monitoring, and a custom console with extensive analog & digital processing options. Read more about my workflow on the mastering and services pages, and stay tuned for updated studio pics!

For more detailed information about myself and what I have been up to, head over to the Fuzzywallz News Archive, which contains all of the older front page news items.

About page Image- Jon Weil checking audio on headphones, at Fuzzywallz QUOTES

“Jon Weil has not only recorded, mixed and mastered the tracks of hundreds of different local & national artists, but has truly mastered the art of his craft. The thing that really makes him stand out from other mixing and mastering engineers is his personality. Strong communication and treating clients fairly is also a strong point. Jon is the type of guy who really cares about the details. He’s the one making sure the lighting in the studio is perfect for the artist. Jon cares about EVERYTHING, but first and foremost he cares about the artist’s happiness. When left to mix and master, his engineering truly shines above the rest & all the years of experience and experimentation show. Jon has said that knowing the rules in audio engineering is important, but knowing how & when to break them makes something special…The proof is in his work.”

-TONY BRANT (Epicentre Recording)

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