I have worked with hundreds of clients- ranging from basement music creators, to local bands and all the way to billboard chart toppers. Just a few of my more notable clients include Gin Blossoms, Ed Sheeran, American Authors, Fun, Blaine Long, Ryan Tree, Phoenix, Flyleaf, Barcenilla, RAC, Beef Supreme, and Social Distortion. For a FULL CLIENT LIST, click here.

Recent Discography


“Jon Weil is my audio engineering Jedi Master. Not only does he have the most highly regarded skills of recording, mixing, and mastering, Jon has such a personable approach to directing and coaching musicians to get the best performance possible. He took me in, an inexperienced indie folk artist who had never worked in a professional studio, and patiently guided me through the magical process of creating live music recordings. I plan on making trips to Washington State in the future to work with him on every project I do. Jon delivers!”



“I’ve had Jon Weil work on past albums of mine. Great price for top professional mixing and mastering. We have been working together for almost 10 years and still brings top notch quality. If you want one of the best you NEED to get your projects A.S.A.P., I promise you wont be disappointed.”

GABRIEL BARCENILLA (of “Barcenilla”)


“WOWWWW!! You must’ve read my mind. Just played in the car, computer, and wireless Bose speaker…every one exceeds my expectations. I love how BIG the instrumentals sound! More overall bass/boom, more guitar (especially that kick-ass bridge guitar jumps out now) and crazy depth throughout. It went from flat to 3-D audio – an image of mountains and valleys went through my head while listening – seriously. The vocals are tucked in nicely now too, and I compared to many commercial hard rock hits for volume, nailed it. I love it Jon. A rewarding feeling after months of hard work. Thank you for making it happen!….and to your techniques – much more of a roller coaster with that extra punch. Was listening to it in the car this morning and it seriously hits hard throughout the song. It didn’t feel that way before so you knocked it out of the park. Sweet!”



“Jon is a very patient man! I haven’t been recording for too long so I always have a lot of questions. Jon takes the time to explain things, and in so doing, he has helped me to become more confident about learning the recording process.”



“When I submitted, “Having A Ball,” he (Jon) was very surprised that I was able to mix the song that well and was very enthusiastic about working on it. Whenever I would email him something regarding about the track, he would reply in quick successions, which I really appreciate him doing. This made me assured that he really is on top of it, and is taking good time to give me the best quality possible. He gave me samples first before the actual transactions and I was blown away by the overall sound of it! The bass was louder but cleaner. The treble of track was roomier, giving my track space for each sound to punch in, and last but not least, he took a risk of pulling out automation on the climax because it felt right to him. When he did that, I appreciated his risk effort and creative input into the track. Plus, that’s what I wanted to do too…I am definitely going to come back to have my mix-tape mastered (and, maybe mixed too) from him. Good job to Jon, and I hope to work with him again soon!”

-DANIEL ESCOLIN (of “Affilié”)


“Jon is great at what he does and he always exceeds my expectations! He made our song “Coldhearted” sound radio ready and so expansive. He is very professional and always is an absolute joy to work with. I will definitely be taking all of my upcoming projects to him for mastering! He’s a true gem here in Phoenix.”



“It sounds huge! You couldn’t have delivered a better final product. Mastering makes a huge difference. I honestly believe it wouldn’t sound this professional if mixed/mastered by anyone else…..this single is much more vibrant and surround. It’s like watching a movie at home vs. watching it in an IMAX theater. I also love how compression allows the levels to sound completely balanced at any volume…Thanks so much for all your efforts Jon!”



“Having your project properly mastered is critical, so my original intention was to use one of the large well known companies. I’m so glad I used Jon! I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive at first, but I could not be happier with the results of Jon’s mastering on ShyPokes “Made in the Sun” CD. I would highly recommend Jon Weil to master you recording project. His attention to detail and open line of communication sure beats dealing with some faceless uncaring robot at the companies. ”

ED TOASPERN  (of “ShyPokes”)

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