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My clients, followed by a link to our latest collaborations…


Blissing Room  “Comfort Life Eternal” (LP) 2016  (add. mastering)

Perverts In Love  “Right Hand Girl” (Single) 2017  (recording,mix,mastering)

Barcenilla  “See The World” (Single) 2017  (mastering, mixing)

Jason Campbell  “The 5 Elements of Om Mani…” (LP) 2017  (mastering)

Gorky  “The Gork…And How To Get It!” (LP) 2016  (mastering, add. prod.)

Beef Supreme  “Witchcraft In School” (EP) 2016  (mastering)

JoJo  “Live & Rare” (97.5/103.9 HQ) 2016  (mixing, mastering)

Turqouiz Noiz  “Sweat Lodge” (LP) 2016  (mastering)

Alessia Cara  “Live & Rare” (Royal Palms) 2016  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Karen Crusher “Homesick” (Single) 2016  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Léon  “Live & Rare” (BLK Live) 2016  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Keith Perillo  “Me And You” (Single) 2016  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Ryan Tree  “Love Yourself” (Cover) 2016  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Fathers Day  (Live CD awaiting release- recording,mixing,mastering)

Gerry Magallan  “Mari” (Single) 2016  (mastering)

Native Jacks  “Credit No Beuno (LP) 2016”  (mastering)

Charlie Puth  “Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Ryan Tree  “The End To The Suffering” (Single) 2015  (mastering)

Haze  “Smooth Ascension” (EP) 2015  (mastering)

The Rua  “Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (recording, mixing,mastering)

Hannah Lopez  “The Unlucky One (EP) 2015”  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Mill’s End  “The Swann Sessions” (EP) 2015  (mastering)

Daya  “Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Nate Reuss  “Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Third Eye Blind  “Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (mixing,mastering)

Native Jacks  “The U Sessions” (EP) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Plain White T’s  “Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

RAC  “RAC” (LP) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Jared and the Mill  Live & Rare” (Saguaro) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Universal Mind Flow  “Vibes Vibes Vibes” (EP) 2015  (mastering)

Fathers Day  “That’s It!” (LP) 2014  (recording,mixing)

Teniea  “Coldhearted” (Single) 2014  (mastering)

Vance Joy  “Live & Rare” (Uranus) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Daniel Escolin/Affilie  “Having A Ball” (Single) 2014  (mastering)

Trace & the 8S Band  Spirits” (LP) 2015  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Flash Fontanelli  “Campione” (Single) 2014  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Barenaked Ladies  “Live & Rare” (Uranus) 2013  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Senteons  “Blackwood” (EP) 2014  (mastering)

Mildura  “At The Feet of Giants” (EP) 2013  (recording,mixing)

Busticles  “Busticles” (LP) 2012  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Above The Love  “For The Birds” (LP) 2011  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Marriage of the Decade  “Carnivores 1” (EP) 2011  (recording,mixing,mastering)

Gin Blossoms  “No Chocolate Cake” (LP) 2010  (recording)

Above The Love  “Above The Love” (LP) 2008  (recording,mixing)

Busticles  “Fresh” (LP) 2006  (recording,mixing)

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