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(5/29/17) Just one week ago I was in hernia surgery. Now I am feeling close to 100% and managed to master three singles in the last few days. Talk about variety! One was a indie rock tune from the AZ band “CAPTIVE COOKS”, another was a ballad from ANDY MOFFITT (I am mastering the rest of his album too) and the third was an 8-minute, very “artsy” piece for NULLIN HASAN, which will be background music for a theatre performance. Links and samples coming soon…

(5/16/17) Just finished mastering STRELITZIA‘s new 5-song EP- “Why Couldn’t You Have Just Died in the Spring?”. Recorded and mixed by Tony Brant, at Epicentre Recording (Phoenix, AZ); this short album is an all-around original, flows with ease, and is consistently impressive. I will certainly be posting links and examples soon. Considering writing a post about this session, titled- “So, what do you do when the mix is amazing and it’s already pretty loud?”…;)

(4/15/17) I literally just wrapped up mastering “VOICES”, a full-length concept album by my first Seattle-area client, aptly named “FREEZE”. I met Glenn Smith (the man behind Freeze) through my brother Brandon, and ended up both mixing and mastering his masterpiece. Expect the release in the next month or two. Glenn/Freeze is my very first Seattle client!

—missing entries—

(11/25/17) “North City Suite” (Shoreline, WA) becomes fully operational.

(10/15/16) We left Tempe, AZ and moved to Shoreline, WA!

(2015) Uranus Recording of Tempe, closes it’s doors and I go full-time mixing/mastering at Laguna Suite, along with freelancing recording/mixing sessions at Fivethirteen Recording in Tempe, AZ.

(2013) My first dedicated mix/mastering studio is created and named the “Laguna Suite”, in my Tempe, AZ home. Acoustics could have been better and I was still figuring out my “chain”, so to speak, but by 2014 things were rollin’…

(2012) I go full-time at Uranus Recording of Tempe; running all sessions and managing the studio.

(2010) Along with Joe Bauman, I design and help build Epicentre Recordings in Phoenix, AZ. I work here as chief engineer and booking manager for about 2 years.

(2009) After being referred to Robin Wilson of the GIN BLOSSOMS, by Bridget Gardiner, I begin to freelance at Uranus Recording and end up recording “No Chocolate Cake” along with hundreds more artists (major and local) for the next 6 years.

(2008) Fuzzywallz Recordings LLC is officially established as a recording studio/service in Arizona.

(2004) I graduate from THE CONSERVATORY OF RECORDING ARTS AND SCIENCES (Tempe, AZ) and begin recording, mixing and mastering for clients at my home studio, live venues, mobile setups and anywhere I could. Pretty soon I am able to go full-time as an audio engineer. After years of working multiple jobs, along with school, this is what I’ve been working towards!

…more fun history coming soon!

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