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Here are some of the other services I can provide…


MIXING   $25/hour

My (brand-new) “North City Suite” is equipped with an amazing hybrid system, featuring both analog and digital processing. This means your project can stay “in the box” (totally digital) or be run through analog summing, compression and EQ for added depth, punch, detail and warmth. What I love about it is the ability to combine the easy recall-ability and automation of a DAW, with the time-tested sound of analog gear. My mix system includes gear from Avid, DBX, Elysia, Focusrite, Harrison, Rolls, SSL, Universal Audio and Waves.

(see client list and/or samples” page for recent examples of my work)



Ryan Tree

-Pick a local studio (or yours) and hire me as your engineer!

-I’ve recorded and mixed hundreds of projects in studios across the US.

-Package rates at Khaos, Synergy and Earwig (Seattle studios)

-I like big studios with fancy gear, but will work wherever- “has gear, will travel!”


Mobile setup for Ed Sheeran's My103.9 session at Aloft hotelMOBILE RECORDING   $30/hour

-Tons of experience recording live shows, including many signed artists

-Why leave your house, when I can come to you?

-Mobile rig with up to 16 inputs, PA can be included

-Contact me for details, there’s so many ways to do this!


Jon at the board


-This can be a variety of services, all aimed at getting your project(s) to sound better, while learning the craft yourself.

-Experienced teaching audio engineering to all age and skill levels.

-I can come to you, video chat on Skype, telephone calls, emails…

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